Volunteers show spirit of solidarity in small town on Spain’s Costa Almeria

PROUD: The local Mayor praised the community for pulling together at a difficult time. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Fiñana

MORE than 100 people in inland town Fiñana have responded to Mayor Rafael Montes’ call to help out vulnerable groups during the coronavirus crisis lockdown.

Coordinated by the local council via a Whatsapp group, the volunteers are providing services like getting shopping and picking up medication for any of the municipality’s some 2,000 residents who need assistance.

CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Fiñana
CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Fiñana

The local authority said it is doing what it can to help locals get through this difficult time. It has published a list of necessary telephone numbers and emails so people can sort out administrative issues from their homes. The administration has also produced a second list of the town’s businesses which prepare orders so that people can just pick them straight up and reduce the amount of time they are outside their homes to a minimum.


The council is regularly updating its social media to keep in constant communication with residents and offer advice and to keep them updated on the coronavirus situation.

Rafael Montes has expressed his pride in how the community is pulling together and “the solidarity everyone is demonstrating.”


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