UK WEATHER FORECAST: Brits fed up with no work and Lockdown now told to expect Polar Winds and temperatures of -5C

The Met Office is warning of Polar Chills and icy stretches in the North

AS if things aren’t bad enough, Brits are warned to ‘dig out winter coats’ as north-easterly chills plough in from Scandinavia and POLAR winds push temperatures to -5C with this weekend bringing snow to parts of the UK.

The north will yet again experience the worst of it as freezing gusts will make it feel close to -13C across Scotland and the north with ‘wind-chill’ temperatures resembling mid-winter. Near-record high pressure will bring clear skies but harsh frosts amid warnings showers will turn wintry.

The Met Office said that the high pressure will shift closer to the UK next week bringing dry, cold mornings with warm sunny afternoons.


In Brief:

A dry day for the majority bar the odd wintry shower across northern areas. There will be a lot more cloud around than of recent days, but there will be sunny spells in between. 7-10°C generally, feeling colder in the wind, especially in the north! More like 3-6°C.


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