Red Cross in Costa Blanca town expands services to assist 75 at risk people each day

PETRER RED CROSS: Raise smiles while giving support. CREDIT: Petrer Red Crss Facebook

Petrer Red Cross cares for 75 people every day during the coronavirus pandemic, with the NGO’s volunteers buying essentials and continually monitoring elderly and dependent people at risk.

Maria Teresa Poveda, technical director of the humanitarian organisation said it has “expanded the Red Cross Response operation to help groups at risk so that they can have their basic needs guaranteed without being exposed to infection”.

Every day, a team of 20 people carries out an average of 75 interventions in the Shelter and Immediate Response programmes to provide basic needs (non-perishable and fresh food, hygiene, nappies, medication, etc.), manage on-site deliveries with State of Alarm security measures; do shopping for elderly people who can’t go out, and regularly check on those at risk from Covid-19.

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In addition, they carry out their usual duties of providing mobilisation services and Mobile Tele-assistance.

Councillor for Social Inclusion, Ana Tortosa, Petrer Red Cross, and said the organisation is”expert in managing emergencies and they are prepared for this, their main strength is the great network they have which gives them the ability to simultaneously address many areas in complicated situations”.

As well as support, Petrer Red Cross volunteers are spreading cheer. Pilar Maria Tomé is an example of it. He is makingoffers social support over the phone to vulnerable people confined to their homes. She has now adorned her balcony with flowers in the Red Cross colours and hung her waistcoat with the logo: “Vests to the wind: here’s volunteering”.


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