Police in Granada Spain search for a ‘hit and run’ motorist that ploughed through a road block hospitalising a Guardia Civil Officer

CLOSED: North access to Calpe closed today.

A Guardia Civil Police Officer was seriously injured this afternoon when a motorist ploughed through a roadblock that was set up to enforce the country’s lockdown.


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IT happened around 12.50 yesterday afternoon with details only just emerging, at an intersection called ‘La Colora,’ Sentido GR-3424. Police are considering if the unknown motorist was worried about being stopped because of something in the car he didn’t want officers to see, drugs etc.

The wounded officer belonged to the Citizen Security Unit of the police and was taken to the Granada Traumatology hospital, the full extent of his injuries have not been revealed yet. The search continues.

More to follow on this story…


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