Police find bodies of dead carers in psychiatric residence in Spain

UNREPORTED: No informed the authorities about the deaths CREDIT: commons.wikimedia.org

POLICE have found the bodies of two carers in a religious psychiatric residence in San Sebastian de los Reyes in Madrid in which there have been numerous cases of coronavirus contagion.

Police carried out an inspection on Friday after Civil Protection asked for assistance in getting into the centre due to the high risk of Covid-19.

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According to reports the victims died on Thursday or Friday, but no one informed the authorities about certifying the deaths and removing the bodies.

There are 68 residents with psychiatric illnesses in the centre, 11 of whom are in isolation with symptoms of coronavirus, Spanish media said.

Also that another eight carers at the residence have symptoms of Covid-19, leaving only two to look after the elderly people who live there, one of whom has a temperature of 38ºC and no sanitary protection materials.


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