MediaMarkt donates all its 3-D printers to help fight the coronavirus crisis in Spain

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MediaMarkt Iberia has donated all the 3-D printers in its available stock to help fight against the coronavirus crisis in Spain. In total this amounts to 60 printers in the whole of Spain. Thanks to these machines, masks, visors and other protective materials are being made for medical professionals at a record time.

THE company has donated all of its printers and relevant material needed to print to a platform called ‘Makers CoVida Contra Coronavirus,’ a network formed by more than 15,000 ‘makers’ who have coordinated their efforts throughout Spain to make visors, masks and other protective gear for medical staff.

Furthermore, MediaMarkt has also donated around 2,000 snorkel masks to an innovative which is using this sporting equipment to adapt it and make it compatible with ventilators.

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The company explains that their decision arrived from a firm compromise to leave a positive legacy in society. Alberto Alvarez Ayuso, the CEO of MediaMarkt Iberia, has stated that they “wanted to join this initiative of volunteers who, from their homes, are making protective gear in record times.”


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