Duo break into business in Spain’s Mallorca out of boredom with coronavirus confinement

FED UP: One of the pair told police they forced their way into the facilities because they were bored with being at home. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Facebook @PoliciaNacional

A DUO broke into sports facilities in Mallorca capital Palma because they were fed up with the coronavirus confinement.

One of the pair, both in their twenties, told the arresting officers they decided to force their way into the premises in the Son Dureta neighbourhood because they were “bored with being at home.”

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A call out in the early hours of the morning alerted National Police to the break-in. The patrol found one of the entrance doors had been taken off its hinges and the interior turned over, and windows giving access to other areas of the premises had been broken.

Officers also found damaged sunglasses on the floor on which there were traces of blood.

Meanwhile, a police unit had stopped a vehicle going down the street the wrong way which was coming from the location where the forced entry took place.

One of the two vehicle occupants had a bruise on his temple and a graze on his left cheek. The police concluded the injuries coincided with the broken sunglasses found at the break-in site.

A search of the car also revealed a box of tools, latex gloves and two tennis balls.


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