Don’t Wear Gloves says Gibraltar Government as Gloves could spread Coronavirus

Maintenance staff at St Bernard’s Hospital without gloves Credit: Gibraltar Health Authority

WITH Gibraltar in lockdown there are still a number of people allowed to go out of their homes for various reasons and the government has told them not to wear gloves in a tweet which follows:

“Outside a clinical setting gloves help Covid-19 to spread.

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“Wearing gloves you are more likely to touch multiple surfaces and spread germs. You are also more likely to touch your face. Don’t wear gloves. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water instead.”

This is very much at odds with the current thinking in Spain where supermarkets insist that gloves are worn when entering their stores.

The latest figures of infection within Gibraltar show that there are 55 confirmed cases with 14 recovered and so far no loss of life.

Sadly, a nurse who had been working at the old people’s home Mount Alvernia was identified with the coronavirus but had only been working on one floor which is now totally isolated and contained.

At this stage there is no evidence of Covid like infections in any of the residents.

Death doesn’t go away however and the government has been advised of the death of a crew member on board cruise liner Marella Dream which has been in anchorage in Gibraltar waters.

As his symptoms were consistent with a Covid-19 infection and that he would have had to be treated as such, there is a remote possibility that other crew members may be infected therefore acting on public health advice, the government will not be allowing the body to be disembarked and will be asking the vessel to leave Gibraltar Territorial Waters.


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