Who Does the Coronavirus Affect in Spain? A Third of All Cases Are Younger Than 50

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A third of all coronavirus cases in Spain are people under 50-years-old, although only 17% of these cases are hospitalised. The age group with most cases of the coronavirus are individuals aged 50-59, according to data obtained by the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health provided data which surveyed the age of 32,816 coronavirus cases in Spain, and an additional 32,807 cases with patient’s age and sex.

From this data, it can be deduced that the coronavirus attacks men, who make up 50.1% of the total cases analysed, and women equally (49.8%). However, women are less likely to die from this illness (3%), compared to men (5%).

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When categorising the illness through age groups, the 50-59 age range is the most affected group (17.5%), but they are not the most hospitalised group (14.3%).

The most hospitalised group is people aged between 70-79 (25.2%), followed by those aged 60-69 (19.6%).

There is also a difference in hospitalisation and gender as 48.3% of all males are admitted to hospital whilst women are only hospitalised 33.6%.

Almost half of all the deceased individuals (44.8%) are between 80-89 years of age, 46.2% of these are women and 44% are men.



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