Son urges public to avoid going to hospital after his dad, 78, died of COVID19 after being admitted to Spainsh hospital with fracturted hip

WARNING: Julian Sanchez says his father contracted COVID19 after being admitted to hospital.

A SON who claims his father contracted COVID19 and died of the virus after being admitted to a Madrid hospital with a fractured hip has sent a video warning to others.

Julian Sánchez, who lives in the capital, said his dad waited more than 24 hours to be given a bed at Hospital Severo Ochoa, surrounded by patients and exposed to risk. And six days later, Juan Sánchez, was dead.

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In the footage, Julian explains his father’s organs started to fail and his condition deteriorated rapidly, leaving the family no time to say their goodbyes.

He adds that he, his mother and brothers, spent days trying to locate his father’s body to arrange his burial.

Julian has urged people to only call emergency services if it is completely necessary pointing out “everything is contaminated”, and if you must go to hospital, wear protection.


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