Planes from China deliver the goods

Ximo Puig announcing the deal with China, credit: GVA

THE Valencian Community’s consignments of sorely-needed respirators, facemasks, gloves, and personal protection equipment (PPE) have arrived from China.

The first aircraft with 200 cubic meters of supplies touched down earlier this week in Zaragoza where the material was immediately distributed to the region’s hospitals, health centres and residences for the elderly.

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Another cargo plane with double that amount arrived the following day and a total of 54,000 kilos – nine trailer-loads, will eventually have been distributed throughout the provinces of Valencia, Alicante, and Castellon.

The consignments were ordered by the Generalitat independently of centralised official supplies and more should arrive next week in an €11 million deal with China.

Negotiations with Chinese manufacturers began two weeks ago when the number of cases shot up in the Valencia region and equipment and supplies began to run out.

The Generalitat headed by Ximo Puig decided to act on its own account owing to what it described as “very insufficient” official supplies.

The Chinese embassy was informed of the deal, to guarantee its safety, Generalitat sources revealed.




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