Health system will collapse without ‘total shutdown’, warn 60 Spanish medical professionals

POSITIVE NEWS: Seven ICU patients in Costa del Sol leave for home or regular ward.

SIXTY health professionals in Catalonia claim the Spanish government must move towards a complete lockdown or the health system will collapse completely.

Led by Catalan infectious disease specialist, Oriol Mitjà, the scientists, doctors and researchers have set up a petition calling for a ‘shutdown,’ warning of a system overload by April 24.

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In an article published in medical journal, The Lancet, the health professionals call for a complete lockdown of Catalonia, including land, sea and air transport.

In addition they claim there is a dire need for improvement in the provision of protective equipment, more access to government data on the pandemic and the development of mobile apps.

Expressing concern about the level of action being taken by the Spanish government, the medics stressed “more drastic measures (are needed) to minimise the impact of the pandemic on the Spanish population.”

They added that “the foreseen collapse of the health system, along with the distribution of the Spanish population (of which 18 per cent are aged over 65), suggests a potentially high mortality rate.”

The 60-strong group of scientists want ‘regional categories’ to be established within Spain, with areas with over 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants eligible for total shutdown, except for essential services, such as hospitals, health care, and research centres.

They believe Catalonia, Madrid region, and five others should be included in this category.


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