Fuengirola offers aid to elderly foreigners living on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Rocío Rodríguez from Fuengirola Town Hall Credit - Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

Fuengirola offers aid to elderly foreigners living in the Costa del Sol

FUENGIROLA Town Hall has already contacted almost a hundred foreigners over 70 years of age residing in the town to offer them care and help in the event that they have to buy food, hygiene products and basic necessities or medicines. This service is part of the municipal plan to intensify the ‘Mayores Solos’ programme, launched by the government team during the State of Alarm.

This action is being carried out by workers in the Tourism area of ​​the Town Hall, who are contacting people over 70 years of foreign origin  in their corresponding languages ​​to offer them help. Once they know the needs of these people, they are transferred to the Department of Social Services, which is in charge of offering them care in case they have to buy food, medicine or basic necessities.

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Most of these older people whom the team has contacted to offer help through Social Services come from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain.

“In this exceptional situation, it is necessary to be proactive and, in the case of the Social Services Area, to continue serving the most vulnerable, who this time are our elders, of whom we will be very vigilant and to whom we all owe help ”, said the head of the area, Rocío Rodríguez.


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