Council bans daily shopping in Spain

CONTROL: Shops in Cantoria must now make a note of everyone who comes in CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Cantoria

DAILY shopping is now banned in one small town in Spain in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The local council in Costa Almeria town Cantoria has issued a proclamation telling residents they can only go to stores for essential items once every two days at most due to the “situation of extreme gravity for public health, which has worsened in recent days, with numerous cases of infections that could lead to the collapse of hospitals.”

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The council explained that local law enforcement had reported that residents had been going out every day to get basics, behaviour which represented “a serious risk to safety and public health.”

As a result daily shopping is prohibited “in order to prevent the disease from spreading with new infections,” the administration said.

To make sure the ruling is enforced the council has given a list to all the shops still open on which they must note everyone who comes in and then hand it over to the security forces for them to check and issue the appropriate sanctions if necessary.


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