Spain’s Costa Almeria not waiting for national government supplies of coronavirus protection materials

NEEDED NOW: The Diputacion President said the provincial administration could not wait for the national government to supply the materials. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE Almeria provincial government has made an important investment in health hygiene materials for personal protection from the coronavirus rather than wait for supplies to come from the State.

Diputacion de Almeria President Javier A Garcia has signed a new emergency decree for the purchase of 50,000 face masks and 2,000 protective suits at a cost of €200,000.

“The Diputacion cannot wait any more for the government of Spain to supply this material, hence we have bought it with funds from our own coffers”, Garcia commented.

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He said the investment will reinforce protection for staff with the Diputacion and organisms dependent on the institution, and local councils where needed.

The administration president maintained that the hygiene-health needs of personnel are currently covered, but added, “With this order we can be even surer and guarantee our future needs, as well as cover the demand from those municipalities who could have need.”

Garcia also described the order as “the most important the provincial institution has taken to further protect our professionals who cannot stay at home and who have to continue providing the basic services and to meet local council’s demands.”

“The Diputacion is committed to protecting Almerians from Covid-19”, he added.


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