Second Day of Lockdown in Gibraltar and Locals haven’t quite Grasped the Concept

The queue outside Morrisons Credit: Facebook

SHOPS and supermarkets in Gibraltar were open normally until the evening of Tuesday March 24 and whilst people were encouraged to stay in, apart from the over 70s, they weren’t under total lockdown.

This morning, Thursday March 26, less than 48 hours after lockdown, the Morrisons supermarket which is opposite St Bernard’s Hospital which will treat coronavirus patients decided to be proactive and opened to serve the elderly to make life easier for them.

It can be seen from the picture that they haven’t quite understood the concept of social distancing, with many people turning up without masks and seemingly treating it as an event.


Gibraltarians are renowned for their ability to stop and chat with friends and family whilst out shopping so what happened inside the store must be left to the imagination.


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