La Sala Banus supplies Free Meals to hard working Medical Staff

La Sala Banus closed but still supporting the medics

THE owners of the Sala Group are either British or Anglophones who have committed themselves to becoming part of the vibrant international community in Marbella.

Their flagship operation La Sala Banus may be closed to the public due to the current state of alarm caused by coronavirus, but they are not simply ignoring the situation.

Medical workers are such an important resource at this time of need that a decision has been made to thank them for their commitment by offering to supply free meals to their homes as a token of appreciation for all that they do for the community.


All members of the medical profession who live between Marbella and Benavista (Estepona suburb) are invited to be included by emailing [email protected] giving their name, address and copy of their Medical Work ID.

This offer is available between 5.30pm and 6.30pm every Monday and Thursday so doctors and nurses are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity.

Those who are affected by the lockdown and crave professionally cooked food, don’t despair as the Villa Toscana Pizza also owned by the Sala Group is open for deliveries from 5pm and to place an order visit or download their app for free.

There is a very varied selection of pizzas plus chicken wings available and if you spend €30 or more delivery to Marbella through to Guadalmina is free.


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