Fury as traffic wardens cash in on housebound Britons during lockdown

Credit: Twitter

BRITS all over the country have been slapped with parking tickets, with traffic wardens accused of taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown to hand out fines.

Motorists have reacted with fury after receiving penalties, with even NHS workers being hit with fines after working long shifts in the battle against the killer pandemic.

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Taking to social media, many have shared their anger, while others have questioned why wardens are still on the street during the government’s lockdown.

Only ‘key workers’ – whose work is vital to maintaining public health and safety such as doctors, police, firemen, and utility workers – are permitted to continue their crucial duties, but traffic wardens are categorised as civil enforcement, meaning their presence on the street varies from area to area.

Generally, traffic wardens are employed by the council, which means it is up to councils to relax rules or continue forcing wardens to patrol streets.

Some officials have relaxed regulations amid the pandemic but others haven’t, so in some places, nurses, doctors and medical staff are being hit with fines, despite the British Parking Association putting out guidelines which state that no health or social care worker should have to pay parking charges.


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