Decathlon Blocks the All Snorkel Mask Sales to Donate Them to Spain’s Medical Teams


THE sports chain, Decathlon, has blocked the sale of all snorkelling masks in order to donate them towards the fight against the coronavirus.

The store which specialises in an array of sports activities has blocked the sale of snorkel diving masks as they have found an ingenious new use for them amongst medical staff. Until a few days ago, these masks were sold online for €24.99, however they have been taken off the site to be allocated in aid of the health crisis in Spain.

Health professionals themselves have demanded these products which double as protective face gear. Civil Protection officers from Bocadailla del Monte have also launched an appeal, through Twitter, to obtain this type of mask. Medical staff at the Monteprincipe Hospital were also using the masks by modifying them to create respiration masks which could connect coronavirus patients to the ventilators.


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