BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus infections could peak this weekend in Spain’s capital Madrid

REAL FIGURES: The regional health minister believes the actual number of number of people infected with coronavirus in Spain could be some 700,000. CREDIT: Comunidad de Madrid Twitter

THE number of coronavirus infections in Spain’s capital could peak this weekend, or even before, Madrid Health regional minister Enrique Ruiz Escudero said today Thursday.

Commenting in an interview with Antena 3 television, the regional minister also said the number of medical discharges in Madrid, the region of Spain hardest hit by Covid-19, could get up to more than 4,000 today.

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It was, he affirmed, “a figure which invites optimism.”

Ruiz Escudero referred to the “inflection point”, when Madrid has a lower number of coronavirus cases than in the previous hours, predicting it could even be today or tomorrow.

At the same time he said he believed that while the number of diagnosed cases of coronavirus in the region stands at some 17,000, the real number is higher and could be as many as 50,000.

He pointed out the official figures do not include people suffering only mild symptoms who have self-diagnosed at home.

He maintained that Spain should triple the number for testing positive, and that in fact approximately 700,000 people could be affected.


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