University entrance exams in Spain put off until at least June 22 amid coronavirus crisis

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UNIVERSITY entrance exams in Spain will be held between June 22 and July 10, or in the worst case scenario before September 10, it has been announced today.

In addition, all primary and secondary examinations have been suspended.

Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, met with regional ministers today, where it was agreed the university exam model “will be adjusted in accordance with the exceptional nature” of the current State of Alarm to safeguard students’ health.

The first phase of entry tests are normally carried out before June 16, with a second chance to pass available before July 10 or September 16, depending on the region.
But the Ministry, universities and education authorities are “aware of the difficulty” that the suspension of classes is causing, and as such have adapted.


During today’s meeting, ministers also approved measures agreed by the Vocational Training Committee yesterday, such as making work placements more flexible in order to pass the courses and extending the period established in the school calendar.


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