Supermarket chains in France paying €1,000 bonus to employees exposed to coronavirus

FRONTLINE: Carrefour, Alcampo and Intemarche are paying the bonus to employees still work in the stores CREDIT: Caroline Dassie Twitter @CarolineDassie

SUPERMARKET chains in France are paying a €1,000 bonus to employees still working in the stores in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Alcampo, Carrefour and Intermarche have all followed the recommendation of the French government for big companies to apply the bonus measure for staff who are unable to do their jobs at home.

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There are no fiscal charges for the companies, and the payments can be made up until the end of June.

Alcampo said it would be giving the bonus to all cashiers, shop workers, warehouse staff and employees doing home deliveries. According to French press 65,000 Al Campo workers will benefit.

The move has been welcomed by the union representing Alcampo staff.

“Giving an extraordinary bonus to the employees most exposed to the virus is fair,” it commented.

However the CFDT French Democratic Work Federation maintained that employees who are doing their jobs from home to ensure the company remains functioning also deserve the payment.

The bonus initiative came after a 45-year-old commercial centre security guard died from Covid-19.


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