Spanish government allows two people to travel in one car – but with strict conditions

NEW MEASURES: Two people can shop together with restrictions. CREDIT: Policia Local Alicante Twitter

THE Ministry of Transport has announced two people can travel in one car during ‘State of Alarm’ restrictions – but there are rigid conditions.

Two people can share a private vehicle of up to nine seats, provided the passenger sits in the back, ‘keeping as much distance as possible between the occupants’.

But while the government has relaxed the measures slightly, the reasons for venturing out of the house remain the same, to go to work (which is also subject to conditions), to buy essential food, to go to the bank or the petrol station. The ruling does NOT apply to any leisure or other activity.

The move is outlined in an order from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) published today.

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Activities allowed are: to buy food, pharmaceutical products and basic essentials; to visit health establishments; travel to and from place of work or to carry out work; to assist or care for elderly, disabled, minors or dependents and vulnerable people.

Also acceptable is travelling to financial and insurance institutions, refuelling at petrol stations and justified ‘unforeseeable circumstances’.


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