Spain’s government authorises opening of six Mallorca hotels as essential services

RESTRICTIONS: The hotels are only allowed to put up medical personnel, transport workers and employees in other strategic services. CREDIT: Pabisa Hotels Facebook @PabisaHotels

THE Spanish government has authorised the opening of six of Mallorca’s hotels as essential services during the coronavirus state of alarm.

The establishments in Palma and Playa de Palma are only allowed to put up medical personnel, transport workers who guarantee the supply of goods or employees in other strategic services, like water or energy supply and telecommunications.

The hotels must remain closed to the general public.

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The Interior Ministry published the list of hotels in Spain authorised to provide this service today Wednesday in the BOE official State bulletin. There are 14 altogether in in the Balearic Islands. In Mallorca they are the Catalonia Majorica in Porto Pi, the Samaritana Suites in the centre of Palma, the Hotel Abelux in the Eixample distict of the island capital, and the Plaza Son Rigo, Jade and Pabisa Orlando in Playa de Palma.

Last Saturday the administrations contacted hotel federations to ask members to offer their establishments. According to reports priority was given to aparthotels and those in central locations and close to the port or airport.

The Government Delegation said the list could be further expanded according to need.

Under the state of alarm all other hotels in Mallorca, and across the whole country, must keep their doors shut.


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