“Shameful” protestors who stoned Spanish police relocating ‘at risk’ pensioners in Cadiz are “not one of us”

Alcala Del Valle Town Hall thanked neighbouring Mayor for words of support. CREDIT: Twitter

THE “shameful” reaction of a large group of “hooded” people who hurled stones at Spanish police officers trying to relocate elderly at risk of COV19 infection in Cadiz has today been condemned by residents.

Arrests were made yesterday after a hostile welcome met officers at the gates of Tiempo Libre residence in La Linea de la Concepcion, as they attempted to move almost 30 residents from a facility in Alcala del Valle, which is being disinfected after a fatal coronavirus outbreak.

For their own safety, Junta de Andalucia made plans to move the pensioners to the residence in Cadiz, for a couple of days. But things turned ugly when a group expressed outrage at their arrival and began throwing stones at the Guardia Civil officer and ambulance staff. Two arrests were made.

La Linea Mayor, Juan Franco condemned the violent reaction and said it was not representative of the wider community “which is supportive”.


Alcala Del Valle City Hall today welcomed his support, and said: “(We) appreciate the words of our neighbouring Mayor and La Línea de la Concepción friend, Juan Franco.”

AT the same time, La Linea supporters, Rincon Linense, slammed yesterday’s clash, posting: “The grandparents of Alcala del Valle are our grandparents, and here they will be treated so they can return home tomorrow. Because on this one we come together.

“However, in view of the images seen yesterday of hooded people, stoning law enforcement officials ….we want to express our absolute shame. We feel represented by those who always stain the image of our city. You don’t deserve to be called linenses.”

La Línea residents have today hung a banner outside Residencia de Tiempo Libre de El Burgo, in support of the 28 elderly people moved yesterday by the Andalusian Government.
It’s believed the banner was the idea of a teacher from the Tolosa Institute.
It reads. “You are also our grandparents. Together we will win.”


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