Police in Spain Investigate the Death of a Woman as They Find Her Body Gravely Injured in a Slum in Huelva

The Slum in Moguer, Huelva.Credit: Caritas

POLICE in Huelva are currently investigating the death of a woman after finding her body in a slum in Moguer, Huelva.

The Judicial Police of the Huelva Guardia Civi is investigating the death of a woman whose body was found with various injuries. The Armed Institute informed that on the afternoon of March 23 at around 5.15pm, the Guardia Civil were called to a slum town located in the municipality of Moguer, after learning that a resident had not been seen in a number of days.

Upon arrival, as reported by the newspaper Viva Huelva, the officers found the body when looking through a hole in the shack of the missing person’s household. Once they entered, they confirmed that the woman showed no signs of life and had various different injuries.

The woman was only 28 years of age and was from Equatorial Guinea. The police in Huelva are currently investigating her death alongside the Guardia Civil, however, any details remain undisclosed.



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