Illegal Costa Blanca Party sees Attack on Guardia Civil Officers

NATURAL CAUSES: Police have, in principle, ruled out murder after husband and wife found dead. CREDIT: Guardia Civil (file photo)

TWO people were jailed by a judge, after a punch was thrown at a Guardia Civil officer at an illegal gathering in Torrevieja.

Things turned nasty when neighbours in an undisclosed area of the city phoned the Guardia to report excessive noise coming from a property.

Officers arrived to find a small illegal party going on, which broke the emergency lockdown rules.

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The gathering involved two men and two women aged between 22 and 36 years.

The foursome, whose nationalities were not revealed, refused to cooperate with the Guardia over identifying themselves and where they had come from.

One of the men then attacked an officer and his friends then joined in the violent fracas, which only ended when reinforcements arrived.

All four were arrested, and a Torrevieja judge refused to grant bail to two of them on the grounds that they might reoffend and fail to appear in court at a future date.


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