Disinfection reinforced in Spain’s Costa Almeria resort town Mojacar to stop coronavirus spread

INTENSIVE: The council said the stepped up cleaning measures will continue throughout the state of alarm CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

MOJACAR Council is carrying out an intensive cleaning programme around the municipality, disinfecting the most used places as a measure aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Cleaning teams are spraying down areas using an extremely effective disinfectant solution of water and bleach, which the local authority says is harmless to people and animals.

A 2,500 capacity lorry is being used to treat individual places such as the post office, supermarkets, pharmacies, bus stops and banks every 48 hours, both at the entrances and the surrounding areas.

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Currently closed to the public, other municipal buildings like the schools and nursery, council offices, the health centre and the multi-use centre have already been thoroughly disinfected and cleaned, the council reported.

There are two cleaning service operators in charge of these disinfection tasks. Mojacar’s streets are also being intensively cleaned.

The local administration said these cleaning measures will be continued throughout the state of alarm as “a vital measure against the spread of Covid-19.”


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