A Man in Costa del Sol’s Malaga is Arrested for Displaying Taser in the City Centre

Malaga Men Arrested For Hanging A Dog
Stock Photo EWN

A 28-YEAR-OLD Spanish man has been arrested in Malaga centre for the possession of an illicit weapon. The alleged culprit was said to have stood at the entrance of a busy establishment with a taser in the shape of a gun, setting it off and making customers and people passing by scared.

Nearby police forces fled to the scene after a woman alerted them that a man with a taser gun was stood at the entrance of an establishment and intimidating people. They looked for the perpetrator who fit the characteristics they received and found him already inside the establishment.

After investigation, the officers verified that the man had publicly used and displayed an illicit weapon which they then confiscated. He was then arrested for the possession of an illegal weapon.


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