A caring Malaga family welcomes three homeless children suspected of coronavirus on the Costa del Sol

Caring for children: Hogar Abierto Credit: Facebook

A caring Malaga family welcomes three homeless children suspected of coronavirus on the Costa del Sol

THE global pandemic which we are currently suffering from has brought out some of the most amazing acts of human kindness.

Married couple Lola and Pedro, who live in the province of Malaga, selflessly welcomed three homeless children suspected of coronavirus to their home on Saturday, as the woman who cared for them had been admitted to hospital in critical condition and with a high fever.

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It all started when a 13-year-old girl, of Chinese origin, called a friend’s mother explaining that the person who was caring for them had collapsed and was not responding. She was alone with her two brothers, ages 2 and 3 years old. Their parents could not take care of them at the moment and they had been in the woman’s care since February.

Officers who went to help them entered the house equipped with masks, gloves and all the coronavirus prevention kit and discovered the woman unconscious on the floor. She was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Carlos Haya Hospital. The children, despite having been in direct and permanent contact with her, were not tested as they were asymptomatic.

Officers contacted the Servicio de Protección de Menores to discuss urgent care, that is provided by thirty families that make up the Hogar Abierto, with regard to the children.

As there was a possibility they may get sick and to try not to split the siblings up the task was much more complicated than usual, as foster families have their own children and may not have space or resources.

Hogar Abierto contacted Lola and explained the situation and the risks. The couple has older children and a long experience in foster care. “Give me five minutes, I’ll talk to my husband,” she replied.

Late on Saturday night, Lola and Pedro arrived at the association’s headquarters. There the three children were waiting for them. It was not the usual reception. There were no hugs, no kisses. Just a safe distance and the knowledge that the children would be safe in such a fearful time.


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