29 Coronavirus Victims Transferred 140 Kilometres without telling Local Council in Costa del Sol Spain

Mayor Juan Franco surprised by the news Credit: Ayuntamiento de La Linea

JUAN FRANCO, the mayor of La Linea de la Concepcion which sits by the sea opposite Gibraltar has written that he was surprised to learn that 28 people suffering from the coronavirus Covid-19 were to be shipped in specialist transportation to La Linea without anyone telling the council.

It was arranged by the Junta de Andalucia that these patients from Alcalá del Valle, which is situated above the historic town of Ronda but the mayor only discovered this when contacted by members of the press.

He has made it clear that he is not opposed to their arrival as the town is both “welcoming and supportive” but believes that it would have been sensible to have been advised of the Junta’s intentions so that the council could ensure proper arrangements for patient care.

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To this end therefore he has made a formal request to the Government Delegation in Cadiz not only for a full report on what is happening but also an indication if the Junta intends to use the town as a base for other coronavirus casualties.

Local residents however are not quite so sanguine with many pointing out that the patients will be looked after in a building which is relatively close to two nursing homes which house a large number of elderly and vulnerable people.


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