19 inmates from 10 UK prisons test positive for coronavirus

The 66-year-old prison officer should have, in fact, retired last year, but wanted to continue working. Credit: Shutterstock

THE Ministry of Justice has confirmed that 19 inmates across 10 UK prisons have tested positive for coronavirus.

It comes after it was announced yesterday that prisons across England and Wales would be shutting down jail visits in an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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A number of prisons have already confirmed cases of Covid-19 as cases soar across the UK and Boris Johnson orders Britons to stay inside.

However anxiety inside jails over coronavirus continues to grow due to the close proximity of prisoners and fears staff will go off sick with the disease.

Yesterday the Ministry of Justice confirmed that visitors would no longer be allowed to enter the establishments in an effort to keep staff, inmates and families safe and protect the NHS’s ability to cope with the surge in coronavirus cases.

The Prisoner Officer’s Association  also confirmed that inmates would be locked up for most hours of the day and would be let out only to access necessities such as showers or to use the phones and exercise.


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