Temporary Shelter opened for those in Need in Costa del Sol Town Spain

The new CTA Credit: Mijas Comunicación

IN reaction to the state of alarm, Mijas council moved immediately to provide accommodation by opening a Temporary Reception Centre (CTA) in one of its buildings for homeless people in the town.

With warm, secure accommodation managed by the Red Cross, some 10 people are currently taking advantage of this temporary shelter which also supplies food and medical attention.

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Bunk beds and other furniture were moved from the municipal hostel, hot food is delivered on a daily basis and cleaning facilities have been made available.

Each person staying at the CTA has their temperature taken on a daily basis to ensure that they are well and this is particularly welcome now that it has become colder and wetter over the last week or so.

The council has indicated that if necessary, it will expand this service, depending upon developments and if more people appear to be in need of assistance.



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