Spanish Soldiers find Covid-19 sick and dead in Spain

UME soldiers find Covid-19 victims. Credit: Campello town hall

Spanish Soldiers find Covid-19 sick and dead

THE army’s Military Emergency Unit (UME), helping to inspect and disinfect residences for the elderly, were shocked to encounter dead bodies.

Speaking on the Telecinco channel’s Programa de Ana Rosa chat show, Minister of Defence Margarita Robles revealed that UME soldiers had found some of the residences’ elderly occupants “absolutely abandoned and sometimes dead” in their beds.

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“We are going to be absolutely implacable and hard-hitting over the way they have been treated,” Robles pledged.

In the majority of cases, the elderly are well-looked after “despite the limitations of the present situation,” the minister insisted.

“But the full weight of the law will come down upon those who do not meet their obligations,” Robles warned.

Some residences for the Third Age have become a focus for the Covid-19 virus and UME unit began helping to inspect, disinfect and – where necessary -provide backup for medical staff – last weekend.

They encountered dead bodies in several residences where staff left after the coronavirus was detected there, but the Ministry of Defence has declined to disclose how many have been found, or where.



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