Spain´s Costa Blanca is Seeing High-Tech Printers Making Protective Masks


A school in Callosa de Segura is using its network of 3D printers to make protective masks for local health staff to use during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The IES Vega Baja in Callosa has fired up the 14 printers to work around the clock to produce the masks, with each one taking around an hour to be made.

The idea came from the school´s technology department led by teacher, Francisco Moreno Terres, who is getting support from local businesses.

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Stationers, photographers and computer shops have all supplied materials to make the concept become a reality.

The masks are primarily going to go to the Vega Baja Hospital in Orihuela, but some supplies will also be directed to local health centres and the police.

In Elche, business owner, Antonio Requena Jimenez, has appealed on social media for materials that could be used to make respirators on his 3D machine.

The response has been positive, with experts from Murcia University also offering advice.


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