Pablo Iglesias and Unidas Podemos Pressure Spain’s Government to Approve a Minimum Rent and Repayment Extension for Tenants During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pablo Iglesias: Popularity has plummeted.

THE left-wing party in Spain, Podemos and its colleagues have affirmed that they will support Prime Minster Sanchez on his decision on whether Spain should completely paralyse all non-essential production or not.

Unidas Podemos and the Deputy Prime Minister, Pablo Iglesias, with support from the Executive branch, have been pressuring for the need to create new measures within the State of Alarm which accommodate tenants who are renting. More specifically, they aim to protect low income individuals by establishing a minimum rent and allowing them to repay their rent at an extended date.

These are much needed measures which were lacking when the Prime Minister Sanchez approved a set of regulations last Tuesday which aimed to confront the economic and social backlash caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The complete paralysis of economic activity, minus those which are considered to be essential, which various collectives and Communities are asking Sanchez to enforce, has the clear-cut support of the Unidas Podemos group.

The current debate is whether or not measures which protect tenants who are renting should be approved. These measures would only be temporary and apply to people with low incomes or those who have entered a financially vulnerable position due to the coronavirus crisis.


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