Offer of miracle cures for COVID19 among ways scammers try to get into homes of the vulnerable prompting Spanish police tips to stay safe

STAY VIGILANT: National Police issue tips to stay safe.

ELDERLY people confined to their homes amid COVID19 crisis are being urged to stay vigilant by the National Police, which has issued tips on staying safe following a spate of scams.

From people posing as food delivery men and health workers to those offering cures for COVID19, the police force has warned via Twitter that criminals will try anything to gain entry, highlighting the potential risks facing many people living alone.

A poster currently being circulated reminds the public of necessary measures to avoid robberies or swindles.

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The three main points are:
*Do not open the door or let into your home anybody who says they are providing a service you have not asked for, or been offered officially, including doctors, nurses or council officials.
*Be wary of people who offer miracle remedies to fight coronavirus.
*Do not give personal or bank details over the phone or to anybody who calls at your home.


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