Half a Million Protective Face Masks Arriving in Spain to Help Combat Coronavirus Crisis

credit: pexels

An Airbus A400M, which typically transports military equipment, has flown from Toulouse to Madrid to deliver a shipment of protective face masks to the Spanish medical professionals. Over the last week, this Airbus has transported 2 million masks from China and distributed them around Europe.


Sources from the Ministry of Defence have informed that the material sent to Madrid is composed of roughly 500,000 face masks. The airplane, known as the MSN56, took off on March 23, 2020 from the official Airbus central in Toulouse at 6:00pm and arrived at the Getafe Aerial Base in Madrid at around 7:05pm.

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The shipment is part of the approximately 2 million masks which have been transported this last week from China to the rest of Europe. Airbus has also stated that “the company will continue to support this cause by offering more flights during the next few days and by coordinating with national authorities”.


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