Hair and beauty salons in Spain’s Mallorca donate personal protection materials to medical personnel and law enforcement

CONTRIBUTION: The salons have donated items from their stocks for professionals on the frontline of the coronavirus battle. CREDIT: Aseneba Pimem Facebook

IN a gesture of solidarity during the difficult times of the coronavirus crisis, Mallorca’s hair and beauty salons have donated personal protection materials for the use of medical personnel and law enforcement officers.

The Grepels Gapb hairstylists’ association and the Asineba Aesthetic Centres’ association, both members of the PIMEM Mallorca Federation of small and medium-sized businesses, collected some 6,000 gloves, 2,000 face masks, 5,000 caps, and other medical materials like bandages, disposable gowns and gauze, from their associate companies over the weekend.

Grepels Gapb vice-president Rafael Rubio stressed now is the time to give the materials to the professionals “fighting” the virus “to keep them all safe.”

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The materials were handed over to PIMEM for distribution to the relevant authorities.

“The public administration asked us for help and the business response has been rapid and exemplary”, commented PIMIM president Jordi Mora.

“If health personnel, law enforcement, or front-line workers need more materials we will do another collection”, Mora added.

“Any help we can give them is little.”

PIMEM also called on its associated companies which have personal protection materials in stock to help out as much as they can, and make a donation.


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