Free for All the Coronapunk Steamfest online across Spain this Saturday

Accoustic Carmen from Carmencita Calavera Credit: Facebook

AFTER the musical success of Rock the Lockdown which highlighted Costa del Sol musicians singing in English, Wild Punk a promoter based in Granada has come up with a similar idea with Spanish musicians taking part.

Under the name Coronapunk Steamfest it will run from 5.30pm until 10pm this Saturday March 28 and will feature individual singers and musicians from nine bands.

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Details of who is taking part and when are shown below and the names in brackets are the bands they normally perform with.

The performances may be viewed at and will be shared on and

Here is a chance to relieve the boredom of lockdown and possibly discover some great Spanish music that you didn’t know about

5.30pm Isa & Carlos Dingo (Red Soul Community)

6.30pm Juanma Medina (The Tragic Company)

6.30pm Carmen & Ignacio (Carmencita Calavera)

7.00pm Ricardo (Martina Karsch)

7.30pm Josema Dalton (The Dalton Brothers)

8.00pm Javi (Ppm

8:30pm Raúl Bernal (Dolorosa-O91-Jean Paul)

9:00pm Dani Llamas (Gas Drummers)

9:30pm Daniel & Ray De La Cruz (Santo Drama)


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