Cyclist in Spain’s Murcia City Flees Police in Lockdown Pursuit


A CYCLIST thumbed his nose at the National Police in a chase around the streets of Murcia City, as he blatantly broke the current home confinement rules.

One of the police cars pursuing him crashed into a tree, whilst the cyclist’s rule-breaking came to an end when he fell off his bike.

National Police officers spotted the 56-year-old Murcia resident pedalling away down the pavement of Calle Rio Madera in the northern part of the city.

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He was waved down, but carried on regardless as the officers then tried to catch him in their patrol car.

The cyclist whirled his way around a dozen streets and pavements at high speed, in a chase that lasted for several kilometres.

The rain came to the aid of his pursuers though, as the cyclist lost control on the slippery surface in the Avernida Abernarbi area, and fell to the ground.

A number of police cars had got involved by then, with one of their vehicles colliding with a tree.

The cyclist was treated for a minor leg injury at the Reina Sofia Hospital and arrested, with a variety of charges set to be made against him including that of resisting a police officer.


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