Costa Almeria council turns to ozone gas to clean municipal vehicles and facilities

CRUCIAL: The local authority underlined the importance of cleaning and disinfection efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA Council is using ozone gas to clean municipal vehicles and some living quarters of facilities linked to the local authority as part of a series of cleaning measures aimed at containing the spread of coronavirus in the municipality.

The council said the ozone treatment is a reinforcement of the disinfection.

The administration maintained that ozone is a highly efficient cleaning and disinfecting method, which in very little time eliminates all kind of contaminating agents in the air or deposited on other materials, mainly bacteria, virus and fungi. The council also said ozone does not have a harmful impact on the environment and is harmless for people.


The local authority explained it will continue adapting the measures it takes as the health crisis situation evolves.

It stressed that the daily cleaning and disinfection of streets and municipal facilities being carried out throughout the municipality represent a crucial part of the Covid-19 control efforts. The administration also stressed that it would continue to guarantee the safety of municipal workers, supplying them with all necessary materials to prevent them from being infected by coronavirus.


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