Community pulls together to help isolate Spanish nursing home after COVID19 case confirmed

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TIMES OF CRISIS: Authorities and volunteers help isolate a nursing home in Spain.

The Guardia Civil in Navarra has shared a video demonstrating how a community pulls together to lighten the load in times of crisis.

Officers joined forces with the management at Baños Catering Complex in the town of Fitero, as well as the Mayor and Town Hall staff, health care personnel and Civil Protection volunteers, to organise, move and accommodate beds, sheets, mattresses, blankets, etc – everything needed to isolate the residents of a nursing Home in the town, where coronavirus has been detected.

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Auxilio residencia Navarra

La Guardia Civil de Navarra junto con la Dirección del Complejo Hostelero de Baños de la localidad de Fitero, Alcalde y personal del Ayuntamiento de la localidad, personal sanitario y voluntarios de Protección Civil, aunaron sus fuerzas para gestionar, trasladar y acomodar material y enseres (camas, sábanas, colchones, mantas, etc.) necesarios para aislar a los residentes en una Residencia de Mayores, en la que se habían detectado positivos.#EsteVirusLoPasamosUnidos #QuedateEnCasa#Llama062#COVID19

Zveřejnil(a) Guardia Civil dne Úterý 24. března 2020


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