Andalucia now 4th region with most Covid-19 cases in Spain

Andalusia has jumped from being the 6th region with the most COVID-19 cases in Spain to 4th, after a huge spike in the number of people infected in the last 24 hours. CREDIT: Pixabay

Andalucia is now the fourth region with most coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in Spain, according to the country’s Ministry of Health.

It has jumped from sixth place to fourth after a huge spike in the number of cases in the last 24 hours. The region now accounts for 2,471 Covid-19 cases, and is rated the fourth community in Spain with the most infected, after Madrid (12,352), Catalunia (7,864) and the Basque country (2,728).

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Over the weekend, the number of cases in Andalucia appeared to be dropping. However, in the last 24 hours, the number of new COVID-19 cases has risen sharply to 510 cases, taking the total from 1,961 to 2,471. Around 102 of patients infected with the disease are in critical condition and in intensive care, with the region’s death toll increasing to 87.

Malaga continues to be the most affected province in the region, accounting for 26.9 per cent of all cases. However, the surrounding provinces are catching up fast, with Granada registering 480 cases and Sevilla 407. Almeria and Huelva remain the least affected areas registering 91 and 70 cases, respectively.





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