Spanish Government takes over Two TV Channels to Broadcast Lessons for Kids on Lockdown

The initial programming for each channel this week Credit: Spanish Ministry of Education

WITH the lockdown and closure of schools, parents in Spain have a lot to do to keep children occupied.

Although many schools sent out lessons via email or WhatsApp, a new concept for keeping up with school work was introduced by the Spanish Ministry of Education today (Monday).

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For the foreseeable future, two Spanish TV channels, Clan and La 2 TVE will be broadcasting lessons from 9am until 2pm with different subjects being covered each day.

Clan will concentrate on 6 to 12-year-olds whilst La 2 will broadcast work for 12 to 16-year-olds and as each group will only have one hour of lessons each day, it will at least give the children something to occupy them without over taxing them.

British children in Spain are either totally immersed in the Spanish language and way of life or suffer difficulty when attending schools where either English is the first language or Spanish is the ‘lingua franca’ language and they struggle with understanding the lessons.

This therefore is a good opportunity for all of the family to broaden their knowledge and improve their Spanish skills.


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