Spain’s authorities detain driver for ‘reckless’ driving with 7 passengers in ‘unroadworthy’ car during lockdown

The detained 25-year-old female driver, was carrying two other adult women in the car, along with 5 minors – aged between 2 and 9 years old and a 15-day-old baby. Credit: Twitter @EmergenciasSev

Seville’s police have today detained a 25-year-old driver for reckless driving with seven passengers in an unroadworthy car, during the State of Alarm. The female driver was carrying two other adult women in the car (a 28- and 30-year-old), along with 5 minors. Four of the minors were aged between 2- and 9-years-old, and the other was a 15-day-old baby.

The car attracted attention because it was zig-zagging across the road, according to @emergenciasSev on Twitter. To their disbelief, not only was the driver driving ‘recklessly’, but the car had no ITV (MOT) certificate, as it was not roadworthy. It had a punctured tyre and broken lights, which would not have passed an ITV, according to the  authorities.

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Apart from driving ‘recklessly’ with ‘too many passengers’ in an ‘unroadworthy’ car, the driver also exposed all the adults and the children to the risk of coronavirus, added the authorities. The driver defied the State of Alarm restrictions, which clearly states that drivers must travel unaccompanied, and also broke the country’s normal road traffic rules.


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