Spain distributes 1.6 million masks to hospitals & medical centres across the country

NOT ENOUGH: Pharmacists in Catalonia say first delivery of masks next week won't be sufficient. CREDIT: Pool Moncloa

Spain’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that it has distributed approximately 1,602,800 protective face masks to hospitals and medical centres across the country over the weekend.

During the last week, many of the country’s hospital staff complained that they lack protective equipment, particularly masks and suits to prevent them from getting infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19). So the Government has been working hard to source and buy essential equipment.

All communities have received ‘desperately-needed’ supplies of face masks. Given that Madrid is the city that’s most affected by the pandemic in the country, it has received a large chunk of this supply. However, other infected areas like Catalunia have also received ‘much-needed’ face masks. Andalucia has reported that it received approximately 750,000 masks. Of these, it has distributed 150,000 to Seville, 100,000 to Malaga and 100,000 to Jaén. Almería, Cádiz and Córdoba have received 75,000 each, and Huelva 50,000.

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More masks and protective medical supplies have been ordered from various manufacturers around the world, with more deliveries expected this week, confirmed the Government. This equipment will be used by both healthcare workers, as well as patients across the country to prevent coronavirus contagion.



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