Randy couple breach ‘forced confinement’ for sex in car on Spain’s Costa Blanca

STRANGER: Denia Local Police say reasons for breaching restricitions are getting more surprising

A RANDY couple in Denia admitted to defying the nationwide ‘stay at home’ restrictions to drive to an isolated spot for sex when stopped by the Guardia Civil.
The pair originally told officers they needed to go to the pharmacy before confessing their real motive for shunning government regulations to combat the coronavirus was far more amorous.
Denia Police say the excuses for breaking the forced confinement rules are “increasingly surprising”, and yesterday alone, officers issued 42 penalities to people who failed to comply.
One dog walker struggled to explian why he was almost a mile from his home, while two youths were caught smoking marihuana in the town’s skate park and three smartly dressed occupants of one car claimed to be heading to work on a construction site.

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