One Rule for the Rich in Spain suggests Social Media

Identified as Victoria Federica on social media Credit: @Ireneeeemc Twitter

WHAT initially appeared to be an innocuous tweet showing a photograph of a young girl paying for goods in a supermarket in Villacarrillo, Jaen, has caused something of a stir on social media.

It is claimed that the young woman is actually Victoria Federica, daughter of the Spanish Infanta Elena and niece of King Felipe VI whose home is supposedly in Madrid and has therefore breached government guidelines about not moving from one residence to another.

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Another image also on social media shows former Prime Minister Aznar who is ensconced in his second property in Marbella (which he arrived at before the lockdown) ignoring the instructions concerning solo dog walking as he is pictured with his wife who is holding their dog on a lead whilst the pair of them are flanked by two bodyguards.


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