Live Video Social Networking for San Javier’s Mayor during Covid-19 Crisis

San Javier´s José Miguel Luengo goes online.

THE mayor of San Javier, José Miguel Luengo, is using his council’s Facebook page for a live video briefing every day at 11.00am during the current State of Alarm.

The two-way interaction also allows for questions to be posted as well as making comments via the social media site.

His first live streaming session saw Luengo praise the vast majority of San Javier residents over staying at home.

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He added that the Local Police would continue to make sure that everybody followed the rules.

Luengo thanked the commitment of council staff and the police for maintaining essential services in the Mar Menor municipality.

“They are helping residents and making us feel proud of them”, said the mayor.

He added that teleworking had been expanded which means that only essential council workers need to leave their homes to perform important duties.

We have to continue working together to deal with the challenge posed by the virus outbreak, and that if we get the best out of ourselves, then we will be able to get out of this situation”, Luengo added.


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